Make time and get most
out of your meetings

100% focus, zero distractions.
Effective meetings, culture on point.

Create collaborative workplaces and culture
where people thrive and ideas happen

Increase productivity

It takes around 23 minutes to get back in flow after an interuption. Imagine being interrupted every 12 minutes, over 80 times a day? Meet your phone. Our limited focus and scattered attention put a drain on our productivity and wellbeing. Let’s reclaim ownership of our precious time - starting with the meeting.

Drive culture

Culture is the key driver for workplace satisfaction and people performance. The meetingroom is the paragon of your company values and culture, both internally as towards clients. Let’s set and express your meeting culture in the age of mobile and take meeting effectiveness to the next level!


Phones charge,
ideas happen.

Award winning docking station for the meeting room in the age of mobile.

We’re the vehicle for change. A statement of focus, meeting culture and digital wellbeing within your organization.


Everybody’s undivided attention. Phones charge wirelessly and switch to DoNotDisturb, while attendees focus on the topic and each other.


Effective meetings with smart timekeeping. The integrated clock keeps your team on track and lets you know when it’s time for wrap-up.


Get clever insights in the quality of meetings, occupancy- and utilization rates to further improve facilities and optimize workflow.

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